Jail Cell Perils

Behind bars, it all cums down to what you will take. Read More

Studio: Bizarre

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Behind bars, it all cums down to what you will take. Locked up and tossed aside, these women need to do whatever they can to get survive. Their captors relentlessly use their holes to pass the time, and punish them for their crimes. Dolly has a cute little blond cellmate that she can dominate for her sexual pleasure. But when Steve the guard shows up he gets all the sucking and fucking he desires from both inmates. Then Alex Chance is caught defacing public property and is hauled off to jail. Her arresting officer Ryan performs a full body search, nude of course, with his fingers and his cock. A women’s prison is visited next where Diana feels the wrath of her jailer while she hangs from the jail bars and feels her pussy tormented and stuffed with a dildo. Kitty suffers the same treatment at the hands of a lesbian guard. Her pussy licking does not satisfy guard Valery. The poor girl is restrained while her ass is whacked by a spanking machine.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 91 minutes

Studio: Bizarre

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