My Lesbian Fantasies #32

My Lesbian Fantasies #32 - Front Cover

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Studio: Nikky Thorne Productions

Series: My Lesbian Fantasies

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I am so excited! 5 of my girlfriends is joining me for a real lesbian gangbang! It is going to be the horniest ever! So after welcoming all my friends, I have them kneel on my couch, and I write with lipstick on their ass cheeks before I lick the asses of all 5 girls one after another. Tasting all these sexy asses get my juices flowing as well. I get so horny! So when I have licked my friends it is time for their revenge. They lick my ass, kiss me, suck on my nipples and touch me all over my body. I am so very horny that I am ready to explode In a powerful orgasm! After a massive ass licking of all my girlfriends, and their revenge on me, they lay me on my back on the couch. They bring out the vibrator, and start stimulating my clit. I am already on the edge of orgasm, so this just boost my already coming orgasm. They find another dildo and use it on my pussy, while still massaging my clit.. and I come once more. As if this was not enough, they find a third dildo, and start penetrating my ass while the other two is still doing miracles in my pussy and clit. I come over and over from this horny treatment. So to revenge my orgasms, I have my friends line up for a revenge by me. I start stimulating their clit one by one until they all have had their orgasm. This is the best gangbang ever! I still feel my juices running just thinking about it!

**Please Note: Small boxes of pixelation appear located at the bottom left or right of the screen if using the VOD option for this content, which is normal.**

Runtime (Stream, Download): 48 minutes

Studio: Nikky Thorne Productions

Series: My Lesbian Fantasies


Also Starring:

Loren Minardi  Minnie Manga  Nomi Melone 

Directed By:

Nikky Thorne 

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